Pauluschkaa is a Berlin based brand founded by Pauline Deckert in 2020. It focuses on the art of crochet and explores the interaction of colours. All Pauluschkaa designs are developed by Pauline herself in her Berlin home studio and carefully crafted by hand. As intuition plays a big part in her work all the funnyPIECEs are one of a kind designs and are created in a slow and thoughtful process choosing every colour in the moment. Next to her colourful designs you find a selection of pieces in different patterns and shapes and basically a little something new whenever Pauline feels like it. All Pauluschkaa designs are made from natural fibres some of it being deadstock yarn that gets reused. Everything is crafted in a slow process with a lot of love to details. Pauline studied costume design from 2017-2021 and founded Pauluschkaa during her time at Uni. Her studies do have a noticeable impact on her work and creative process. A piece of clothing for her tells a story and is a lot more than only fabrics. Many of her custom pieces are collected in an archive which is available to be lend from for various kinds of productions such as styling for photoshoots, theatre, film etc. For requests of any kind (custom order requests/archive/press) please write an email to:hello@pauluschkaa.de (you can use the email button down below).