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pauluschkaa is movement. getting dressed undressed. a glass of sparkling water, served on a silver tray. feeling this and that. being one but many. 

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Pauluschkaa feels like the liberating feeling of letting go of things. It‘s a calm process of growing up without losing your inner child. It feels like taking a deep breath and allowing yourself to fully be you.


Pauluschkaa tastes like an Affogato, a symbiosis of hot and cold. Your mature self that is craving the espresso and your playful inner child asking for the ice cream. 


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Pauluschkaa combines worlds and perspectives, it's moving like the sea. It's spiraling in it's own little universe, always inviting in new things. Pauluschkaa is curious, always trying to explore and discover.

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Pauluschkaa is movement. Movement means being passionate, because if you are passionate about what you love, you want it to flourish and it’s gonna change over time and change is movement and it means things are happening and you are not standing still.

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Pauluschkaa feels like sunlight falling through lace curtains. Pauluschkaa is a glass full of sparkling water and feels like the courage it takes to take a cold plunge. Pauluschkaa might create different feelings for everyone who’s entering its universe but the essence lies in craving comfort while always challenging yourself. Growth is most substainable if it's natural but growth also means facing your fears and stepping out of your comfort zone to arrive where you want to be.

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Pauluschkaa is served on a silver tray, always trying to see the beauty in things.




Pauluschkaa is highly connected to nostalgia and recreating this feeling. The feeling of smelling something familiar that makes you happy, the feeling of a freshly washed towel on your skin. Pauluschkaa is about taking things not too serious, about having fun and enjoying life together.

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our 13th piece is a skirt and a dress, whatever you want it to be. 13 is paulines lucky number, it was the 13th when she fell in love, the number 13 tattooed on their fingers being drunk in texas, being lovers. this piece is about feeling loved, wanting to be in love, being in love, believing in love.

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